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The work of both Fabio Orsi and Claudio Rocchetti has long been a varied study in internal dynamics. Through an array of instruments and sound sources, Orsi and Rocchetti have made an album that both feels very internal, and yet firmly roots observation on the external; that which is indeed beyond view. The very ‚falling‘ of Cascando is at play across the work. Typically, of course, one associates the act of falling as a negative; something which is accidental and brings pain. Yet as the album begins with its harsh insect-like frequencies, so it ends in a similar vein as the fall implied is complete. Quite beyond that which one would expect however, the end result of said fall is one that is considered, calm, and ultimately, biotic. The slowing down of everything gives us time to see beyond life’s noise, with its diversions and tracts. It helps us to absorb but to also look deeper, further, and onward, to a place we can call our own, to a place we can call home. Ian Hawgood Insert photo by Fabio Orsi. Graphics & layout by Backwards. BACKWARDS BW10


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