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Reissue and remastered version for vinyl.
Edition of 300 copies on black vinyl.
Everything recorded through the years 2002 – 2005 on analog 4 & 8 track or direct to DAT. No computer, sampler or synths used.
Composed with: sufi-songs & old vinyl-crackles, acoustic & e-guitars, e-bow, e-bass, voice & whispering, accordion & flute.
Dedicated to: An unsurmountable emotion. It covers studio-recordings composed from 2002-2005. These musicians have compiled some of their most favorable pieces through the years to be placed on this release. Presenting nine analogue(4&8 track) recorded compositions that lead the listener through vast feelings of beautifully deep melancholic and hypnotic states of mind. Composed with guitar-drones and harmonic phrases that are processed in various ways creating an atmosphere of the sublime and emotional meditative states that transcend listener to immerse within themselves. Ingredients: Sufi-songs, old vinyl-crackles, acoustic & e-guitars, e-bow, e-bass, voice & whisperings, accordion & flute. Stunning photography & design work by Alan McClelland(Eye.lyft). One of the most emotional and profound Troum releases to date now available on (Transgredient Records) TR-05


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