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The Hafler Trio’s Seven Hours Sleep is the sixth re-issue by Korm Plastics, following Kill The King, Mastery Of Money, How To Reform Mankind and A Thirsty Fish. In total there will be 14 CDs of classical old and long out of print Hafler Trio re-issues. There are packed in as a series of large folders, with booklets posters and sometimes postcards. In the word of The Hafler Trio, Seven Hours Sleep is: Sitting bolt upright again was the thing that came from the operating table not a moment too soon. Oh, the trials were all worth it, and the delights of the basement were nothing to the wings this baby had. Reverently restored to a biblical suggestion of transports that do not demand a tip, here we have the living, and still breathing apparition that can now appear in the *comfort of your own home* or *even elsewhere* for less then the price of a triple-bypass operation. Death to dreams and *HELLO* to realizing that they are the things we are made of. At all good stores worldwide and some other places. Originally released on LP by Laylah in 1985 and re-issued wrongly on CD by Mute in 1996, now really available as should have been.


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