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2cd in 6panel digisleeve. upc 821272405726. including: CATWALK MASSACR &

tracklist catwalk massacre (cd1):
01. dress code red
02. last night
03. haute couture
04. catwalk massacre
05. handsome boy modelling school
06. mutilated mannequins

tracklist dressur (cd2):
01. farbenfroh
02. gigolo frh
03. ahlerich
04. donnerhall
05. tsf dalera bb
06. rembrandt

tim kniep: voice, electronics, synthesizers, programming
philipp münch: synthesizers, electronics, engineering, programming
artwar by salt
upc 821272405726
release date: 25.april.2024

SYNAPSCAPE, led by the innovative minds of tim kniep and philipp münch,
emerges as a luminary figure in the expansive domain of technoid
industrial music. at the heart of SYNAPSCAPE’s sonic ethos lies a
captivating fusion, weaving together the mechanical resonance of
industrial machinery, the enigmatic allure of glitchy electronics, and
the intricate cadence of rhythmic complexities. their compositions
transcend the mere auditory experience, beckoning listeners on a
visceral odyssey through realms where chaos and order coalesce, and
noise finds harmony. as the band embarks on its three-decade milestone,
let us commemorate this momentous occasion with the unveiling of DEKADENZ.

enter DEKADENZ, a fusion of unparalleled depth and complexity. this opus
is a tapestry interwoven with the threads of rhythmic-noise, fortified
by the relentless pulse of techno beats, and embellished with a nuanced
dose of zeitgeist eclecticism. presented in two distinct acts, CATWALK
MASSACRE and DRESSUR, each segment encapsulates a distinct sonic narrative.

in CATWALK MASSACRE, the listener is thrust into a realm of pure
rhythmic-noise, underscored by straight techno kicks and a palpable
sense of controlled aggression. tim kniep’s harsh vocals inject an
additional layer of potency, elevating the intensity to its perfection.

DRESSUR marks the convergence of industrial machinery and contemporary
electronic ethos. it is a sonic tapestry woven with intricate
complexities and multifaceted compositions, where idm plotlines
intertwine with glitchy electronics in a dance of perpetual flux. here,
amidst the interplay of chaos and order, the listener is invited to
unravel the labyrinthine depths of synapscape’s sonic universe.

SYNAPSCAPE continues to chart its course through avant-garde electronic
music – creativity has no limits!

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