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01. your eyes
02. define normal
03. vile butterflies
04. voices
05. i want to get out
06. blackout
07. folie à deux
08. don’t tell anyone

pure black 12″ vinyl. matte black die-cut sleeve & inlay.
limited edition of 166 copies incl. digital download-code.
concept, lyrics, vocals, some synths by riotmiloo.
music, production, mixing and mastering by eva|3.
photography by esmeralda muñoz-torrero.
graphics by salt.

release date: 10.11.2023

BLACKOUT, riotmiloo’s second album, represents a retreat from her
political beginnings and a move towards exploring the inner self while
retaining its predecessor’s power and sense of struggle.

crushing analogue sounds and heightened emotions form the core of her
new album. together, they create a visceral and raw sonic depiction of
internal turmoil and aim to dismantle the artificial barriers between
normality and madness, tearing down the notion of stigma. blurring the
lines between internal and external incoming threats, riotmiloo weaves a
web of inextricable layers of immersive textures and suffocating beats
to draw the listener inside a world of urgency, confusion and paralysis.
the extensive use of analogue synths and cold electronics creates a
sombre electro mood with a splash of angst-pop.

at the same time, her vulnerable vocals are distilled into the
listener’s mind while showcasing the indomitable spirit that defines
her. riotmiloo’s thought-provoking lyrics and delivery invite the
audience to explore questions many may shy away from while offering a
glimpse into the depths of despair and the complexities of the human
psyche. many questions are asked. many types of emotional collapses are
painted in many shades of black. no glamour. no judgement. pure empathy.
what happens when you lose touch with reality or feel so low that there
is no way out? it is a testament to the transformative potential of
music, reminding us of the connections that can be forged through the
universal language of sound.

“when we suffer in silence, we think that we are alone, different,
separate. when we share our stories of suffering, we find that we are
the same.” vironika tugale

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