M.B. / DEDALI – 1980-2016 – LP


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M.B. – 31.04.1980 was recorded at Mectpyo Studio, Milano, in April 1980.
Unreleased track.
A musique concrete track made mostly using lp records played at the wrong speed and made into frantic loops. There are also the occasional and unexpected bits of dialogue!
A very interesting M.B. early experiment.

Dedali – 31.04.2016 was recorded at The Shadow Factory, Lugano, in April 2016.
A dense and hypnotic track.
Dedali here uses treated field recordings and voice samples creating a very warm organic sound.
The track with its subtle progression delves deeply into a solemn meditative state.
A new soundtrack for the end of times by the hermetic Dedali.

Limited edition of 150 copies.
Includes a numbered insert.

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