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Lim. E 46. Metal bias tape. High quality branded SONY C94.Haft Teppeh’s ‘zeului himeră’ is the latest collage of melancholic, minor sounds by an already recognizable artist from Romania – Flavius Ion. Unlike other albums of this project, ‘zeului himeră’ is not in the style of ‘dark ambient’, but the feeling the songs give off certainly does extend to the first, brilliant record ‘yume’. Professionally recorded and not fitting into the framework of one musical style, I would describe it as an ideal soundtrack for depressive days, or maybe dusk, ‘zeul himeră’ is a gem of dark and suggestive music for those who know how to feel subtle and not always easy emotions. Flavius Ion about ‘zeului himeră’: Unlike the others, ‘zeului himeră’ is less concerned with the abstract or intangible; instead, it feels closest to the heart out of all our albums. The album is published in an expensive, rare cassette in a metal-type strip.

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