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the fourth full-length release of the icelandic duo gjöll is inspired by ‘the power of now’, a book by the spiritual author eckhard tolle which is intended to be a self-help guide for day-to-day living and stresses, the importance of living in the present moment and avoiding thoughts of the past or future. tolle calls the misery of our daily mindgrind ‘the background static of perpetual discontent’ which is what we need to refurbish out of our minds to be able experiencing joy instead of constantly seeking distraction. both the music and the lyrics on this album reflect this topic from different points of view between anger and inner peace. this wide range of tempers and feelings are musically processed with most various styles between gloomy ambient soundscapes, rhythm based industrial and piercing power electronics whereat strumming rhythm guitar blows by luca brembilla on track 3 add a heavily distorted post-rock element. 2kilos &more and black sifichi have a guest appearance on track 4, melting their unique downbeat electronica and sinister voice with gjöll’s sound spectrum: slow, grinding beats, elaborated synth / sampling treatments and intense vocals ranging from susurration to furious screaming. this diversified range of instrumentation and sounds generates augmentative atmospheres between coldness, wamth and burning heat. haunting, hypnotic, soothing and disquieting, ‘the background static of perpetual discontent’ presents an enthralling impulse for mind and body.

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