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Tesco Distribution welcomes a new label run by Simon Heath of Atrium Carceri. The cowled seers from beyond the frigid void incessantly observe us moving through our daily lives. Manipulating the orders of chance and whimsy they collect our thoughts and steer us through the Illusion. Their goal to collect the few for an expedition deep down into the abyss where the lost god once sought refuge. The weave of “reality” grows thin with this release as it explores what lies beyond even the manifold spires of the ancient city as well as the fractured memories of every swayed traveller. Atrium Carceri returns with a stunningly detailed album and yet again propels the genre forward into uncharted territory. Comes in nice designed Ekopak. TRACKLIST 1. Dear Diary 02:33 2. Humanity’s Cradle 05:27 3. A Curved Blade 06:03 4. Reselected 04:35 5. Victorian Meltdown 08:24 6. Passage 04:39 7. Endless Deep 04:38 8. Debt 11:27 9. Trembling 04:14 10. Slower 05:30 11. Ancient Past 08:11 12. Reap 03:50 EAN: 4038846910012 CRYO 001


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