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Previously, “Inevitable Mortality” was released in a microprint of just 50 CDR copies thanks to Reverse Alignment. This edition of the 2CD contains the same material, extended by another 6 hitherto unpublished compositions, created in the same period. Chris Sigdell (B°TONG) again handled the mastering. Thanks to this, the album sounds coherent and is a great complement to the discography with a position that has been difficult to obtain until now. For fans of the AJNA project, it is an absolute “must have”. Its qualities will also be appreciated by listeners who like to lose themselves listening to dark ambient music of the highest quality. “Inevitable Mortality” was created n a rather interesting and publishing period of the American musician, when his project was becoming more and more recognizable among fans of the genre. A moment later, the double “Black Monolith” is released, recorded in collaboration with Dronny Darko, with which both artists have established their position on this scene. So far, AJNA has cooperated, apart from the aforementioned Reverse Alignment, with e.g. Winter-Light, Cryo Chamber, or Cyclic Law.

2CD in a 6-panel eco-pack with a new graphic design. Edition of 300 copies.

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