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„Few Swiss formations can be proud, like the Young Gods, of a blameless international renown. The trio Velma from lausanne is gleefully part of this category , and it is not their fabulous last realization, the EP “ Parole „, that will contradict their dizzy artistic ascension. Born in 1996, Velma already counts to his asset two superb albums of post electronic rock, mingling with brio instruments and machines.
If one considers the third record of a group as the corner stone of a career, then “ Parole “ is an absolute consecration. A lot more minimalist that to the customary, the 4 titles of this LP don’t carry not less than the stigmata of a resourcefulness and an innovating research of which Blixa Bargeld would dream. The main title , Parole „, all in crescendo, shines by its controlled ardor, all in restraint, with a repetitive text, as thread driver. Rarely the ropes of a guitar harmonized so gorgeously to the raw sounds of the machines. The B face starts with an experimental title very inspired, dominated of an intoxicating and primary rhythm to which clings a multitude of sound effects – excellent! – The rest appears in the same vein, sustained of samples and impeccable buckles of an incontestable consistency. The all ends in a resonant jumble from where clears itself a fragile song that Gastr Del Sol would not disown.
Velma proves to be one of the most creative formations of the moment, proposing a minimalist music allying the electronic experimentation magic to the heat of the eternal „voice – guitar – battery“ alchemy. As the members themselves, Velma remains outside of all fashion or all passenger currents, exorcising the ambiances and the, atmospheres to only keep the essential of it.
This major record is the some day result passed in studio in October 1999, especially “ offering “ these 4 titles to Stetic Records for their conceptual set of LP, 12 “ exploring the vast field of experimental electronic music.
To acquire emergency!!! A must. A 10/10 without hesitation and very sensible, greatly advisable, or even more.“

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