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01. repulsion
02. perfection
03. build on rotten skulls
04. shrouts of cries
05. fake reality
06. lingua franca
07. machinery’s deconstruction
08. fool’s cage feat. Te/DIS
09. my world collapses
10. start seeing stop thinking

all music written by dan courtman / thorofon, except ‚fool’s cage‘ by
THOROFON and Te/DIS. mastering by anatoly grinberg. artwork by salt.
colourless clear 12″ vinyl. organic vintage cardboard sleeve. limited
edition of 200 copies incl. digital download-code. release date: 16.11.2022

krankpop: ANGOR – a sonic descent through anguish and relentless unease

ANGOR weaves a haunting tapestry of musical genres, threading together
industrial power electronics, minimal electro and haunting dark ambient.
this journey into the depths of sound evokes an unsettling sense of
foreboding, as the atmosphere oscillates between icy, clinical disquiet
and aggressive, heart-rending crescendos that drive the forceful lyrics
straight into the core of your being.

dan courtman / THOROFON, the mastermind behind this disconcerting
soundscape, forges an audial masterpiece oozing with torment and
anxiety. the music is tinged with the essence of krankpop, where eerie
synth lines, born from analog devices, linger ominously. a rhythmic core
throbs with relentless intensity, as the metallic percussion weaves
seamlessly with a psychotic voice that borders on the edge of madness.

during a recording session for the song „fool’s cage,“ long-time friend,
frank ursus aka Te/DIS, joined in, and the outcome evolved into a
haunting dystopian pop composition, tailor-made for abandoned
dancefloors. the album ANGOR is the second part of the sinister world of
GLADIO ANGOR – a sonic descent into the abyss, that is simultaneously
captivating and disconcerting.

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