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01. peremptrix
02. sequester
03. veneficium
04. evil ota
05. zelle

black vinyl in heavy grey cardboard sleeve. slow processed block
printing by hand – each print is unique. design & print by stefan alt &
a. lawrence. including kommando business card, sticker and digital
download-code. total vinyl edition 119 copies.

„noise creates ambience and feel of a scenery, as well as the expression
of a structure“

kommando is the moniker of dan courtman’s aka thorofon. with „brutal
cell“ he offers up supremely industrial music: the confrontational
nature of the power electronics genre by pairing subtlety and
diversification with aggression, the anger of death industrial and the
unruliness of organic noise.

his cell is a condition of duality. whether apparent or not, there is a
force to struggle within its boundaries and a protection against
unexpected turbulences, almost as if a vigorous rain were churning up
the river. constraint in it’s cage, the cell offers an intensive
experience that will leave its caustic scars for the remaining day.

„an issue, is a cell within the body of circumstances. the cell is made
up of the vital elements which are the mechanics of a infectious condition“

kommando. sequester

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