NECROPHONIE – 1996-2006 – 10″


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lim./numb. 300, comes in excellent designed cover with „corset-styled“ leather-bootlace bounding, Japan-import! side-project of ATRAX MORGUE & TEATRO SATANICO
Projekt von ATRAX MORGUE und DEVIS.G, attraktiv für Minimal-Elektronik (aber die schleppend-noisige Variante) & „old school“-Industrial-Freunde, Rhythm-Box und lauter fiese Analog-Synth-Noises auf der A-Seite & eine röhrende Industrial-Walze auf der B-Seite.
Edles Cover, mit Lederband zugebunden, nummeriert & im Innern Prägedruck. Japan-Import.
„Necrophonie is a collaboration project of M.Nothing a.k.a. Atrax Morgue, and Devis G. a.k.a. DeV, Lvnvs, Teatro Satanico. This is their first 10 inch vinyl released in 2006 from Japanese new label „Dogma Chase“. Greasy electronic noises are discharged with muddiness reverberation like as leaking from stoned coffin. One side is filled with poisonous shadow as unreleased new track recorded in 2006. The other side is more rusted industrial noise mainly inorganic rhythms and heavy layered paranoid electronics and comes from long deleted cassette tape collaboration as Atrax Morgue/Lvnvs on Slaughter Productions (spt69) recorded in 1996. Special corset styled foldout sleeve with an inside message and full color printed insert. Hand-numbered limited edition 300 copies. details & photos :“ [label info]

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