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Fantastic Journey” is an homage to writers such as Jules Verne, H. G. Wells, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and other pioneers from the early age of science fantasy.
Ambient / Drone / Ambient Electronica
Stunningly adventurous dark ambient, dronescapes, pulsing synths, melancholic strings, and exploratory ambient electronica take us on a journey of imagination and ingenuity. Tales are woven of fantastic voyages and feats of scientific endeavour, through subterranean worlds, mysterious unexplored islands, Utopian societies, travels through time, and the farthest reaches of outer space.

“Fantastic Journey” perfectly encapsulates the wondrous visions of these futuristic writers over the last 150 years. Designed for serious listening and exercising your imagination…

Originally released in 2013, we are proud to release “Fantastic Journey” on CD-proper for the first time, with an exclusive 10-minute bonus track, taking the intrepid listener on one last marvellous adventure.

Composed and performed using various samples, synthesizers, and field recordings by Anthony Paul Kerby (The Circular Ruins) and Thomas Park (Mystified).

Mystified :: the background
The Circular Ruins :: the foreground

Track listing:
1. Twenty Thousand Leagues (13:08)
2. The World Beneath (12:46)
3. Forbidden Planet (4:53)
4. Mysterious Island (10:24)
5. Beyond The Farthest Star (9:26)
6. The Voyage Home (9:10)
7. Centre Of The Earth (10:18)

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