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I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to all the amazing individuals in the dark ambient/industrial scene, fans, labels, concert organizers, cover artists and fellow musicians for friendship and all the great atmospheres over the years. Special thanks to all the people involved with the songs on this album in one way or another. Hails to Olegh and Frédéric!
Svartsinn: The Fading Horizon (2002, The Last Bleak Days, Bleak Records)
Svartsinn: Yearning (2002, Nord Ambient Alliance, Cyclic Law)
Svartsinn: The Ashen Dream (2002, Nord Ambient Alliance, Cyclic Law)
Svartsinn: Form Is Emptiness (2004, A Final Testimony, Seküencias De Culto)
Svartsinn: Untitled (2007, Untitled – A Tribute To Zdzislaw , Wrotycz Records)
Svartsinn: Cold But Strong (2008, Message From A Subatomic World, Hypnos Rec)
Northaunt vs. Svartsinn: s/t (2004, Eternal Soul, Eternal Soul)
Svartsinn & Allseits: Falling Pt.2 (2008, Dark Ambient Radio Vol.1, Dark Ambient Radio)
Svartsinn & Gydja: Terrenum Corpus, (2012, Behind The Canvas Of Time, Cryo Chamber)
Svartsinn & Psychomanteum: Eksistensens Arkitekt (2012, Cycles: Cyclic Law’s 10th Year Anniversary)
Svartsinn: September Dirge (alt. version/demo version, 2008)
Edition of 500 copies in a 4-panel Clear Spot UV on black Digipak.

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