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SHOCKCITY / GREY WOLVES collaboration originally released as a limited tape edition in 1990 on both STRENGTH THROUGH AWARNESS (Grey Wolves own label) and OLD EUROPA CAFE labels.
Here comes for the first time a completely re-mixed STEREO version of the original tape release curated by “Mel H / Head in a Haunted Hat” (SHOCKCITY mastermind) for the 33rd anniversary of such a cult and seminal album.This collaborative album differs from usual Grey Wolves sound.
It is less Powerfull Industrial, as we know it from the Grey Wolves.
The whole was released in the golden tapes era, sending back and forth sounds on cassettes via post and both projects adding something to each other sounds. The very classic postal collaboration.
The Grey Wolves effort was mainly on SIDE A while Shockcity mainly occupied SIDE B of the cassette.
This is more a dark ambient and rumbling album combined with the sound of helicopters and military transmissions.
Two long tracks bringing back memories to what the Gulf War was like: burning oil wells, helicopters, long lines of burning vehicles, masks to protect from smoke and sand, air bombings, operation desert storm…. BLOOD & SAND!

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