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This CD re-edition comes in very nice spotvarnished foldout cover as known from
actual OF THE WAND & THE MOON releases as “Bridges Burned And Hands Of Time”, “Tunes For A Twilight…” and “Sonnenheim” re-release.
No More Happy Songs! – The highly acclaimed 5th album from Denmark’s Of The Wand & The Moon finally availabel again as limited colored vinyl version. Again Kim Larsen takes another road than the previous albums. 60’s influenced, where the love for Lee Hazlewood and Serge Gainsbourg shines through. Still keeping the dark neofolk roots though, “The Lone Descent” is without doubt the most bleak and melancholic album from Of The Wand & The Moon, and clearly shows Larsen’s brilliant talent as a singer/songwriter. Featuring among others ; Lorenzo Woodrose from Danish psychedelic rock act ‘Baby Woodrose’, Aron from Danish Psych/folk rock act ‘Aron’, danish Cellist Soma Allpass (Mew, Martin Hall, etc.), trumpet player Bo Rande (The William Blakes, Mew, Blue Foundation), John Murphy (Death In June, Knifeladder, Nico, SPK), John van der Lieth (Sonne Hagal) Anne Eltard (known for various Danish acts and Kim Larsens Solanaceae, OTWATM) and :Of The Wand & The Moon: engineer Louise Nipper ‘Alouise’. 2LP comes in glossy spotvarnished gatefold and dark red double vinyl ltd.500. The vinyl edition also comes with an extra exclusive version of “A Pyre Of Black Sunflowers”. Features the artwork of Alex Rose. “THE HARDER YOU STRUGGLE THE TIGHTER THE LOOSE!” Tracklist : 1 : SUNSPOT 2 : ABSENCE 3 : A PYRE OF BLACK SUNFLOWERS 4 : TEAR IT APART 5 : WE ARE DUST 6 : A TOMB OF SEASONED DYE 7 : IS IT OUT OF OUR HANDS? 8 : WATCH THE SKYLINE CATCH FIRE 9 : THE LONE DESCENT 10 : IMMER VORWÄRTS 11 : A SONG FOR DEAF EARS IN EMPTY CATHEDRALS 12 : A PYRE OF BLACK SUNFLOWERS (acoustic) HEIM010LP EAN Code: 4 03884681210 1 Websites: www.ofthewandandthemoon.dk www.facebook.com/wandmoon www.myspace.com/ofthewandandthemoon Absence video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKZgtSMb_LU HEIM010


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