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I have been a follower of Ô Paradis since I purchased El Juego Negro” a couple of years ago. Demian has always managed to present groovy, Mediterranean neo folk, with a large assortment of samplers, noises and improvised instruments, and most always caressed by Demian’s voice. Frankly, “La Corte Del Rey Pescador” is, in my opinion, one if his best results yet. He seems to have polished the sometimes crude angles of his previous records. The fluidity of the record is astounding, and the music has become riper, settled, like a fruit fills with juice in the spring sunlight. “La Corte Del Rey Pescador” reminds me more than ever of Corcobado, with a darker, more experimental sound. Especially the use of the bass and the introduction of diverse experimental melodies take the music that step further. The lyrics seem to have also developed, into an intimate world, full of metaphors and sparkled with direct statements. The swing of “La Verdad De Los Peces” is transformed into the dark pop ballad of “El Paraiso Perdido”. The languid “Solo Un Desierto”, with a naïve piano melody, becomes a folk masterpiece that disintegrates into the violent dark tune “El Trono De La Razon” to then let the record close with the brilliant, moving, “Mi Dios”. Twenty minutes definitely come out as being too scarce. A must for true folk, experimental pop and simply great music lovers. [review by Side-Line] The debut album of Sergio Méndez comes through Tourette Records as part of the pack “La Corte Del Rey Pescador/La Reina Está Mala”. Sergio and Demian from Ô Paradis have a friendship that has culminated in the release of this double work, in which they have actually worked together on some tracks. However, don’t be mistaken, Escama Serrada doesn’t sound like Ô Paradis except maybe with some ingredients of the music production. But, hey, bread and cake also share ingredients yet they taste quite differently. Samplers, parchments of songs, melodies� but especially noise, sometimes thick, sometimes hard, are present as well. Always undulating and pulsing, creating the main bases for each song. Escama Serrada basically presents a sort of dark ambient, adding some martial spice at times and a lot of dark punk attitude at others. Perhaps the music is similar to a modern day nihilistic version of Einstürzende Neubauten, or deconstructed rock stricken through a machinery surface. I love the way the songs are connected to each other, and it seems the hand of Demian is visible here, since his Tourette release is perhaps also the one in which the fluidity of the record is the best in his career. Also, both records have seven songs, mirroring each other. My personal favorite is track “IV” with its haunting guitar that is slowly shaded by the atmosphere around it. Promising ambient, with ample possibilities and, appreciatively, a distinct personality.LK005″ tourette007/008


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