MC TRACHIOTOMY – Ratsliveonevilstar – 2CD LE400

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“The recordings for RATSLIVEONNOEVILSTAR began years and years ago, back when life was simple, confused, and wild, yet there was unification.
It has taken many years, mixes and remixes as varied as the studios and players, storms, transfers, break-ups, make-ups, arrests, departures, and returns for this epic to come to fruition.
D.”Lefty” Parker, of Planarian Pro, was at the mastering helm from beginning to end. He brought the layers on this double disk up to a level of unmitigated clarity and precise synchronicity, not to mention comprehending the factually textured layers of my mind, the sound slurs, sound-bites, fragments of material from various recording sources, beats, blurbs and utterances, into pure bottom rocking head scratchers that still resonate to this day.
Tourette 035

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