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+ 28-page booklet edition of 199
immense pleasure in unveiling the exquisite vinyl reissue of Jun Konagaya’s seminal solo album, titled Organ. Originally presented in 2012 on the CD digital medium, this opus marks Konagaya’s inaugural solo venture, distinctly departing from his earlier collaborative endeavors under the monikers Grim and White Hospital.

A prodigious figure in the Japanese noise and industrial landscape, Grim left an indelible mark in the 1980s with its dark, luminous allure. After a series of live performances and select sonic releases, Grim mysteriously receded from the scene. However, in 2009, the complete sound sources of Grim resurfaced under Konagaya’s meticulous curation, hinting at a potential resurgence.

The auditory journey presented in Organ is a far cry from the abrasive feedback and primal roars that characterized Grim’s sonic palette. Instead, Konagaya embarks on a melodic exploration of melancholy, akin to the ethereal folk sensibilities glimpsed in Grim’s Message.

Organ, weaves a narrative of otherworldly beauty—a malformed tale where Magnolia, a young protagonist, contemplates the enigmatic Gamahead. Eschewing the aggressive tonalities synonymous with Grim, Organ transcends into a contemplative and introspective realm. Opening with マグノリア / Magnolia, the album establishes its ethereal atmosphere, setting the stage for a sonic journey. 呼ぶ聲 / Voice To Call beckons listeners with its distinctive vocal nuances, while 深き森, さまよい歩く人あり / Deep adding a mystical dimension. 時の枝 / Branch Of Time unfolds with contemplative grace, leading on side B to the reflective depths of 鏡 / Spiegel. The expansive 白い牛 / White Cowshowcases Konagaya’s sonic mastery, while “睡り / Schlafen envelops listeners in a serene lullaby. The poignant ガマヘッド / Last Song Of Gamahead brings the auditory odyssey to a fitting conclusion, leaving an indelible imprint of Konagaya’s artistry. Konagaya’s profound inner sorrows find expression in the mesmerizing soundscape, complemented by the evocative imagery encapsulated within the extensive 28-page booklet accompanying this release. This meticulously crafted booklet, measuring 11.7 x 8.3 inches, serves as a visual companion to the auditory experience. Its pages unfold to reveal credits, pics, Japanese lyrics, and a collection of 19 drawings/collages that breathe life into the genesis of the album. These intricate visuals, intertwined with Konagaya’s musical narrative, offer a comprehensive exploration of the artistic journey encapsulated within Organ.

This vinyl reissue is not merely a revival but a renaissance, inviting discerning listeners into an auditory tapestry that defies conventional boundaries. Far from the avant-garde’s exclusivity, Organ stands as a standard of sonic artistry, accessible to a diverse audience, including the more tender ears of children. Limited to a mere 199 copies, each vinyl is a collector’s gem, with the cover adorned in matt lamination, enhancing the visual and tactile experience of this exceptional musical journey. As a delightful addition, this release includes a digital download of the entire Organ album and the bonus cassette Magnetic Tape 88-90, ensuring that the enchanting sounds of Jun Konagaya’s creation can be enjoyed beyond the vinyl listening experience.

Immerse yourself in the transcendental depths of Organ, a testament to Jun Konagaya’s evolution as an artist and his mastery in crafting emotionally nuanced, sonically captivating narratives. This release beckons connoisseurs of experimental music and beyond, offering a symphony that resonates with both the aficionado and the uninitiated alike.

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