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“I got a tape in a couple of years ago from my good pal Manuel of the excellent Narcolepsia by this mysterious electronics act and it utterly blew me away. A few months ago I had contact with the band asking for a release and there was a total no-brainer.

Infektionsabteiling hails from Italy (despite the German title!) and play analogue electronics very much in the vein of the masters of Italian industrial of the 80s: the depressive tones of Maurizio Bianchi are an obvious influence, but I can hear the collage work of Bruno Cossano, sparse death industrial of Atrax Morgue, and brutal searing electronics of Mauthausen Orchestra.

This is an album of total bleak nihilistic violence, utterly black in tone. It’s been a while since I put something like this out and it’s totally got me on a kick of old Italian industrial….the sound is totally incomparable to anything else and this is a perfect tribute to it.

Limited to 500 copies in a digipak.”

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