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Neofolk band from the Upper Silesian mining region around Katowice (PL), was launched in 2017 by musician and singer Michal ‘Neithan’ Kielbasa. ‘Neithan’ invited few friends as guest musicians to help him in recording his first full length GRAVE of LOVE album.
2 formats CD & tape
11 tracks and 1 re-recorded song
ornate artwork, cover design and originality – limited handnumbered edition 111
multi-layered NEOFOLK;
CD with black printing on silver
classic jewel case – transparent
Booklet 4-sided insert with the original cover artwork
print on textured paper
Text booklet with the GRAVE of LOVE lyrics
Sticker approx 7cm (black print on silver foil)
organic dehumidified blossom or leaf of “Taraxacum Officinale”
banderole made of transparent paper with band name and title sequence
extra bonus track

GRAVE of LOVE takes up the topic and with the brand new album “All Those Tears Ago”, reveals a musical sketch of this threatening dramaturgy of decline.

Times are getting harder and with them the tones. With fresh strength and new virtuosity it goes against unstoppable decay and twilight.

There are strong effects with cursive passages – in the interplay of acoustic guitar, rough riffs, and distorted bass lines. Chant is clear, from forgiving to admonishing, accusing … like the preacher from the holy mountain.

In between wind chimes and sophisticated percussions, threatening soundscapes or samples. In contrast, there is the harmonic piano playing as well as full-warm, but combative-dynamic horn passages. Subliminally, the rhythm of the percussion accompanies the hopelessness of this fading epoch.

“All Those Tears Ago”… the soundtrack for the tumbling world on the eve of the decline of a decadent era.

A special cover concept was developed especially for this release. The “LEBENSZYKLUS” (life cycle) design by :FX: worked as basis – LOXOLOMIA SERPENTINA completes further creative implementation.

Even the first impression reveals the idea of passing and returning. As a result, a withering dandelion that throws out its pollen grains and lets them scatter. The root is fed by a decaying skull.

The “Taraxacum Officinale” indicates the eternal cycle: dying, becoming, being forsaken, a new start, the beginning, the end…

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