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Dark ambient project from Lithuania. Recorded in 1997. Housed in a black DVD box and limited to 499 copies.

This is not the latest Donis’ record. It was recorded in 1997, when Lithuania was still in deepest electronic music crisis. “Vacuum” had waited seven years for his real live in personal Donis’ archive. The album consists of only one long track, that could be ascribed to “ambient’ stylistics. Tough the sound of album proposes feeling of dark emptiness, it can not be described as “dark ambient”. By it’s influence “Vacuum” reminds “Coil’s” ambient works that take you to the psychedelic trip. Extremely low generator vibration in record doesn’t allow the feeling that you’re high in the mountains to go out. The air is being crossed by toneless and icy sound, music motives are deep and sharp. Every stream of sound will work out as if you, the listener, are in a trip of deep emptiness.
Album lasts for 65 minutes. It’s packed in a special black DVD box. We recommend you to listen to “Vacuum’ only on Hi-fi stereo. Limited edition 499 copies.

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