CRYOBIOSIS – Inner Stasis – CD


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Tesco Distribution releases the next CD of CRYO CHAMBER a label run by Simon Heath (Atrium Carceri) focusing on deep high quality dark ambient with a cinematic edge.
Cristian Voicu is back with another excellent dark ambient industrial album and a worthy follow up to last years “Within Ruins”.
Carefully planned noise soundscapes both cold and warm combines to create a sense of depth in this highly detailed and dynamic voyage. Cryobiosis is known for his wet, damp and claustrophobic sound and does not disappoint with this fantastic release.
Written, Produced, Performed – Cristian Voicu
Artwork and Mastering – Simon Heath
1 An Opening 4:13
2 Into Nothingness 4:33
3 Deep Aquaduct 4:05
4 Chasms 4:45
5 Souvenir 4:32
6 Hidden Dungeons 7:16
7 Harrow 3:45
8 Condensation 6:27
9 Demise 3:30
10 Permanent Void 5:27
11 Exit Life 4:23
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