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Released in a limited edition of 300 in digi pack with booklet and 4 facsimile WW1 postcards by Ultra Mail productions. The release is also available in various packages including extra merchandise such as usb bullet memory sticks/ badges/ t-shirts/sandbag and fake barbed wire.

Sometimes the buzzing drones and industrial field recordings are joined by a dreamy violin, as in The Blue Forest, wistful and resigned, with crossfire all over, because violence is never far away, and the fire-vomiting mouths of enemy weapons plow the immense silence at regular intervals (Mincing Machine). In The Bone Machine, we walk along the implications of all this violence, in the wake of a hesitant and pensive piano. The wind rustles around the ears, there is some rumbling in the distance, but the battle is won, although the price is high and the proud hero once again raises the eyes in the direction of his lieutenant before he dies for the fatherland. Drum-like percussion, gently gurgling drones and a hushed piano build a contemplative soundtrack for Third Light, voiced by Karla Aelswitha, while Ghost of Empire floats on patches of heroic speeches, a dark piano, noise and field recordings, fragments from the French national anthem, the sound of a passing steam train and then high organ tones for snippets of Land of Hope and Glory. After the short soundscape Shellshock, we hear repetitive electro drones for The Mouthless Dead, a poem about the countless dead, the beloved faces forever disappeared in an anonymous grave, with atmospheric piano sounds and noise, that sounds like hammering on wood. After the brief piano track Heimatschuss, the triple track A Madman’s Flash follows, in which the piano sets the mood and the violin creates accents (As Quiet As), harmless drones do the same in the soundtrack for the trilingual text All the Mad Men, assisted by a moody piano and noise, while Krieg, about life as one big war, floats on a simple drone. A Drawing Down or Blinds closes the album with church bells and noise. It’s finished, the damage can be calculated.
Millions of the Mouthless Dead is an impressive hommage to the Great War that tore Europe apart 101 years ago. The original poems are the starting point, but as music lovers we are interested in the soundtrack of Martin Bowes and Anni Hogan as well, an equally impressive collage of drones, piano, violin, organ, noise and field recordings, and certainly one of the best sound productions about the First World War.
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