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Is this the bitter-sweet side of ourselves? We portray great misery, of course, and a tipically human desperate need of survival but, at the same time, joke and irony are always present to exorcise the fear of decay and death. Here we are just musicians playing airs that make you dance and cry at the same time, and while doing this we say to ourselves: “Take your bloody knife and start exploring your killing nature, be not politically correct, sing and play as a fucking gorgon if you wish and have fun”. “Paris Spleen” and the following “Spasms” are works in progress, both musically and as live performances, and our main actor Paul Patchy is just a disseminator of chaos. 1. This Is No Country For Old Men 2. Gloomy Sunday 3. Dragged By The Mood 4. Whisky Bar 5. L. Lazarus 6. Sous La Coupole Spleenétique Du Ciel 7. Zut! 8. Andy Laverine 9. Donc, Je Dois Être Morte! Infinite Fog IF-36


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