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ant-zen act473

01. anishinaabe
02. kaxinawá
03. aymara
04. menegokre
05. irã-ã-mray-me
06. munduruku
07. kamayura
08. pirpkura
09. odawaa
10. nuu-chah-nulth

all tracks produced, recorded and mixed by gwenn tremorin and herman
klapholz between paris and antwerp. shamanic voices on “menegokre” by
daisy oliani. mastered by anatoly grinberg. artwork by stefan alt. cd in
6panel digipak. upc821272405825. release date: 16.april.2024

embark on an auditory odyssey through innovative soundscapes, expertly
crafted towards the pinnacle of experimental dark electronica and
ambient genres, drawing influences from modern idm, ritual, and dub.
with pure ritualistic and tribal elements woven seamlessly into hypnotic
rhythms, guiding listeners on a transcendent journey into the depths of
the subconscious.

in 2023, herman klapholz (AH CAMA-SOTZ) and gwenn trémorin (FLINT GLASS)
reconvene with a shared vision: to coalesce their talents in the
creation of a joint album. their collaboration finds its genesis in a
mutual fascination with ritual and tribal soundtrack, sparked by
contemplations on the present predicament of indigenous amerindian
peoples spanning from the northern reaches of canada to the pristine
depths of the amazonian rainforests.

the rich diversity of natural landscapes across the american continents
has generated an array of diverse cultures, each bearing its unique
imprint upon the fabric of human history. through their collaborative
endeavor, the two musicians draw inspiration from this mosaic of
indigenous communities and endeavor to pay tribute to the resilience and
cultural heritage of these marginalized populations, while also
exploring their unique perspectives on mortality and the afterlife.

in the spiritual cosmologies of many indigenous tribes, death is not an
end but a transition, marking the passage of the soul into an eternal
realm where ancestral spirits dwell. for some, death is not feared but
embraced as a natural part of existence, with the departed finding
solace in a spirit world (wakan tanka) free from the burdens of earthly

in essence, WAKAN TANKA album is a testament to the enduring spirit of
indigenous peoples, celebrating their profound connection to the cycles
of life and death, and the resilience of their cultural traditions in
the face of adversity.

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