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RASKOL’NIKOV is an Italian project joining other artists on Zoharum. The duo, formed by Francesco Todescato and Jacopo Pagin, has been working since 2010 and has been quite active live. Also, they have a substantial number of very limited releases.
‚YAMA‘ is a collaboration between Raskol’nikov and Hjalmar Hach. Completed in 2013 ‚The Album of the Mountain‘ is now awakened to be finally released.
The six tracks depict a path that leads from the forest through the mountain and from the mountain up to the sky, a path that reflects itself on the cover image. The original painting is hanging on the wall where the album was mainly recorded, influencing its roots.
Those who climb on ‚YAMA‘ move in the exotic territories of an unknown language, scrambling on rocks made of fragments whose forms are unknown even to their own creators. Thus, the journey becomes doubly dangerous and exciting, and when the summit is reached, it’s impossible to say whether it is the place of arrival or just another intermediate point within a wider movement that knows no stops.

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