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LP – black vinyl – in fold-out sleeve + 6 postcards – lim. edition of 272 copiesThere were times, blessed times when man had not yet lost the sense of his connection to both Nature and the Sacred, when church bells used to be heard across the countryside to banish approaching storms from hamlets and villages. In our Teutonic regions, this was called „Wetterläuten” – the „chiming away” of bad weather. Anyone who ever had the privilege of experiencing the ecstatic and all-embracing live improvisations of WERNER CEE (e-chin/lapsteel guitar/electronics), NORBERT GROSSMAN (synth/church organ) and EVA KORN (gongs), will understand why the South-German trio choose this archaic name for their project. WETTERLÄUTEN’s atmospheric manipulations range from dreamy sunset drones to heavy pre-storm electricity to apocalyptic orchestral deluge, penetrating and bringing into motion the very cosmic fabric around them. Their unmistakable sound owes much to their unusual instrumentation, especially the combination of e-chin (an electric version of the ancestral Chinese Guqin zither) and live electronics, and of course Eva’s virtuosic gong playing. Understanding themselves more as a musical concept than a band, WETTERLÄUTEN regularly involve other musicians, especially Norwegian guitarist ALF TERJE HANA and drummer MICHAEL HOFMANN. Reue um Reue is excessively proud to present their first ever official release. Welcome in the eye of the cyclone


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