O PARADIS – EON 1999-2015 – 2CD


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Two and a half hours of the best moments of Ô Paradis by Demian’s choice – that’s the shortest way to summarize the latest release by this project from Barcelona.
Demian picked up 40 songs from a wide Ô Paradis discography generated since 1999. It takes us on the journey through the world of love and solitude, creation and destruction, birth and death. Everything gathered on 2 discs, black and white. Some songs represent important moments in artist’s life, some show his inspirations and musical friendship like the one shared with J. from Nový Svět . You can find here acoustic guitars and electronic loops, movie samples and classic melodies – everything you have ever experienced with Ô Paradis music. And rough, characteristic Demian’s voice of course.
Ô Paradis is a music act from Barcelona, created by Demian Nada in late 90’s. The music is often described as a psychedelic folk, but you can find here much more, electronic beats, samples, catchy pop melodies. The band released 14 albums, took a part of several compilations and splits with projects like Nový Svět, Escama Serrada, Elli Riehl, Val Denham.

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