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This album is being released in collaboration with Old Temple.

Nothing Has Changed is a solo project of Michal Kiełbasa of industrial metal band Whalesong (if you’re into Godflesh totally check it out!).
NHC seems to us to be strongly influenced by British electronics. His music is very hard to define in genre. On his newest album you’ll hear dark and caustic, heavy in low end mutations of garage/grime/juke/jungle sometimes even dub.
Across 10 compositions we get very original industrialesque take on broken beats and bass music. UK’s Imaginary Forces/Basic Rhythm comes to mind which is a great association in our opinion. Going deeper, the album brings even echoes of FSOL with its sultry, dense atmospheres and cyberpunk vibes.
„Hissing Guilt“ is oriented for open minded and demanding dancefloors. The album is very original, well balanced, bass heavy, hard (but not too hard) hitting, bleak and doom driven. What more do you need?
CD edition of 300 copies comes in digipack.

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