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Mario Lino Stancati (Italy, 1981) graduated in „Disciplines of the Arts, Music and Theater“. He is an actor, director, playwright, poet, musician and composer. In 2007 he founded the theatre company „Hotel de la Béance“; in 2009 he wrote the novel-poem „Lo Mal d’Umore“, while in 2010 the philosophical anthology „The thought and the voice of philosophers. From Kant to Heidegger“ and in 2014 the poetical outline „In equilibrium on nothing“, among other writings. Those works highly influenced his work as musician. Not chained to any individual musical genre (he crosses progressive ambient, concrete music and avant-garde composition) and motivated to explore any form of experimentation with
music, he developed methodologies and expressive practices capable of merging both vocal performativity and guitar playing.Looking for the desert, awaiting abandonment, marrying detachment: essential steps for those who ardently want new dawns and new lands to get lost in. First of all losing the common coordinates, the secure footholds, the consolidated certainties, forgetting scores, borders and judgments. A laying down, on the one hand, of the external conventions in order to make room and give light to the unexpected, to what pulsates underground, unheard. On the other hand, a putting aside of one’s beliefs to give life and breath to what
strongly desires, under the skin, to finally make itself heard. Because the night asks to be welcomed, to be able to manifest itself in all its radiant power. Because silence demands to be contemplated and understood, to distill its miraculous predictions, dripping with mystery and unusual wonders.

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