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SEPTIC was the second full length vinyl release from Himukalt.
The LP was released by Malignant in 2020 and immediately sold out.
Here comes the CD re-edition including 2 exclusive bonus tracks, some minor chages on another track and a complete new mastering for best CD sound quality.
Himukalt aesthetic and template is immediately recognizable through the 5 original Septic tracks and becomes even more intriguing through the addition of the 2 exclusive bonus tracks.
Deadening rhythmic pulsations, bristling oscillations, and a steady stream of crackling and frying circuitry, often infused with layers of filth, hostility, and sexuality.
This is best Industrial P/E.
Six pannels Digipack plus 12 pages booklet in a limited edition of 300 copies.
All art, se(n/x)sual imagery, photos and collages by Ester Kärkkäinen.

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