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Released as limited 2LP in gatefold cover with two inserts & numbered card.heavy black vinyl
2CD Version and LTD300 2MC set.
Gatefold and Digipak shows the typical GO debossed and spotvarnished layout.
Will be not available via bandcamp.

ATTENTION: The vinyl version will only be produced according to the number of orders we get prior to 9.11.23. After this date it may prove difficult to obtain a copy.

Somewhere out there they were controlling the streets to ensure that rules were followed. They were smuggling themselves from one continent to another, guarding borders training rebels, breaching doors, steering drones, and following the path of the War-Orchestra.

The seventh year anniversary of the release of :OBITUARY OF THE AMERICAS: sees Genocide Organ returning with a release full of cynical survivalism in a world of havoc!
While those celebrate the new world – we prepare ourselves for :DEATH ZONES:.

What started with the :TIPPING POINT: 3MC Set in 2020 has now turned into :DEATH ZONES:

Stand fast, mark your target , when it comes.
No more sounds – Just moving ground!


Conditioned War Sheep
Appropriate Action
Identity Politics
Loitering Munition
When our Terror comes
Pure Evil
Affirmative Action
Abbey Gate
Virtue Signaling
Migrant Soldiers
Kommando Found Dead
Stack the Bodies
Malicous Purity
FU6 – Waiting for Hell
Trial by Combat
Small Boys Unit
Fake Emotions


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