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summing up the sold out Vinyls!

Decolonization wars, civil wars, cold war, ethnic wars, barbaric wars, let no one dare believe the African people’s struggle is over. The oppression of the Western civilization has devastated our infrastructures, severely weakened our governmental agencies, violated our religious institutions, and battered our economic fabric.

For our cultures to never again be humiliated, for your oppression to never again be a degrading threat, for our recurring famines and your ceasefires to never again be fertile grounds for the shameless exploitation of our natural resources, African Imperial Wizard fights back and will fight back over and over again.

To finance the arming of our revenge-hungry factions, African Imperial Wizard presents Behanzin, our brand-new CD which gathers the 11 tracks of our first two opuses, the Cetshwayo kaMpande EP and the Isandhlwana LP. This record is intended to be the echo of a violent revolt that will spell the end of the tyrannical exploitation of our proud nation!

To all the rebels, commandos, dissidents, guerrillas, and squadrons plotting their fierce revenge, African Imperial Wizard offers you the soundtrack to your bloodthirsty retaliation! We will never bow down again to your ruthless battalions! Never again will we turn a blind eye to your inhuman crimes. From now on, we will mercilessly retaliate blow for blow. uSuthu!

Band’s name: African Imperial Wizard

CD’s name: Behanzin

Track listing

Track 1: Cetshwayo kaMpande 4:35

Track 2: Opoku Waré 3:59

Track 3: Idris Ibn 4:15

Track 4: Hanni-baal Barca 5:06

Track 5: Almamy Suluku 5:27

Track 6: Mansa Moussa 4:44

Track 7: Béhanzin Hossu Bowelle 5:08

Track 8: Hangbè 7:00

Track 9: N’Nonmiton 6:48

Track 10: Zulu kaMalandela 6:12

Track 11: Ezana of Aksum 5:01

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