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odd Carter, Brent Gutzeit and Michael Hartman, aka TV Pow, recorded this album at the VPRO studios during their first visit to Europe in 1999. Based in Chicago, this innovative trio of improvisers transcend the usual “laptop” preconceptions, employing a fair dose of acoustic and invented instruments in their living arrangements. I say “living”, because it seems that this music breathes with activity and spontaneity, and yet strangely it all seems very highly organized at the same time. Clusters of crackles, high and low frequencies, pulses, processed samples, field recordings and an immense host of microscopic sounds create fascinating and dynamic sound environments. Most of this music remains delicate and in the abstract, rarely manifesting itself into something resembling a rhythm (as in “Take the Literature, Ma’am”). And yet many of these pieces have an almost hypnotic effect with their harmonic pulses and frequencies (see especially the incredible final track “American Temporary”). Amusing track titles (“There’s No Such Thing As A DJ, Everyone’s An MC (House mix)”) add a refreshing element of playfulness to this project. A note in the press release says that TV Pow is banned from making appearances in Canada, and I wonder if this is really so… and why? Regardless, Being Nice is Funny comes highly recommended, a wonderful new addition to the always surprising Mort Aux Vaches series. [Richard di Santo]

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