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A little over a year ago, and 14 years after the well-received “Final” (ABM 2007), the SYNTA [XE] RROR duo broke a long silence to publish the album “[.] DOT” in Zoharum, an unreleased before material, recorded in a relatively short time since their debut for Italian label, being a natural consequence of the previous album with many references, visible in the composition layer, in a similar sound and building a climate. We dealt with interesting, slightly broken electronics, kept in the IDM style, with a slightly industrial vibe. The new material brings many changes. Then we deal with electronics in the IDM convention, but more massive, because the emphasis is on building structures based on a heavy kick drum and strongly dehumanized, almost mechanical rhythm. Multilayered percussion, intertwined with emotional melody, filling the space with which the music from “[.] DOT” is associated, have been changed here with a rough, almost metallic sound, thickening with every minute of the slowly unraveling machine, announcing the inevitable cataclysm, crime or maybe apocalypse. The album is available on a CD folded in ekopack in limited to 300 copies

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