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Stupor’s black beast creates a separate universe which encapsules you into your own world of thought. A ritual that invites you to take a look inside yourself. The cd of this south german/polish project kicks off mixing in pregnant and tense atmospherical sounds with repititive clanging percussion. Through the following flood of distorted pulses, repetitive, abrasive, yet introvertive, higher pitched details appear on the path that leads to derech. More electronic sounding, spacier now, an echoing scream seeps through and serves as the introduction for a solemn passage whispering through the speakers, only to feed into the evolving ritual drumming spiral. The drums are pounded in an almost martial way. They only give in to the humming sequence of jamaragda, soon becoming a sonic travel which gives us the impression we’re heading to the east – tribal sounds and chants – the flush of repetition in evolution. In the 30 minute track Bête Noire, the dark percussive parts transform to invocations on hymnic soundplains and then raise to the surface again. The introvert journey ends in the surprisingly titled Jack the Brainslasher.

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