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Vinyl edtition limited to 300 copies.

“Om Shanti Om” – a brand new album from Schröttersburg. The material contained here was created in a very short time from the recording of the previous album “Dalet”. Unable to participate in concerts during the lockdown, the musicians hid in their rehearsal room and began experimenting, using various instruments that hadn’t been used before (including sheet metal, kalimba, oil barrels, djembe, karatala, Aztec whistle death); and by making use of them, they enriched their existing sound, which opened them even more to bolder exploration of new sonic regions, sometimes significantly different from their main previous style. Here, the new wave is only a starting point and an only convention from which the band starts their escape to other regions/genres in a moment, leaving a lot of space for the musical tradition of India or the Middle East. On this album, the marriage of their music with psychedelia, Krautrock is even more clearly felt, and the emphasis was even stronger on building the composition in the spirit of industrial aesthetics. For the band “Om Shanti Om” it is also a journey inside themselves, their spirituality and extrasensory states. The idea behind the creation of this material was to create a specific mantra cleansing the mind and body from bad energy, which consists of 6 consecutive pieces, marked only with numbers I-VI.

Album released as 180 g, black vinyl folded in sleeve.

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