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Satatuhatta is honoured to present the debut album of Primitive Wings, a new project by Jaakko Vanhala. ’Morphosis’ is a highly evocative album, bringing into mind vivid flashes of something primal, perhaps from the prehistoric past. At the same time it’s very raw, but without being utterly harsh. It can be seen as a sum of the artist’s previous projects Zoät-Aon, Secret Apex and Vanhala, but it still presents something new.

Listening to the album, you can imagine insects digging their way through the forest floor, big dragonflies propelling amongst the ferns in the twilight, reptiles roaming in the verdant undergrowth, and prehistoric roars rising amongst the tropical trees. But it’s not a nature documentary. It feels more like an atavistic memory, an intuitive transformation taking you inside an alien consciousness. This could be felt as just undefinable chills or perhaps as a vision of an event on this planet, which happened under the same stars but billions of years ago. Something from the beginning, of growth, sentience and flesh, finding its expression in strange transformations.

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