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Kontour has been experimenting with electronic devices and voice manipulation for over twenty years. This new album brings forth an array of pure electronics and experimentation. It explores some truths in society and the fears those truths create. Social disorder and mental derangement run amok in a post apocalyptic landscape. You are being watched everywhere you go; everything you do is being registered. The album’s production involved no use of computers but harked back to analogue sequencers and tape machines, creating a sound not at home in the clean digital age we are subjected to. Percussion and rhythm came from a collection of vintage drum machines heavily processed and overdubbed with manually played electronic drums. Recorded voices were left almost inaudible, disappearing into a backwash of distorted phase. A perfect produced releasefor listeners of minimal industrial like early Cabaret Voltaire and a blendover to what is possible nowadays with the analog equipment of long forgotten time, recommended1 SBZ081CD


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