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“Phonophobia” is a kind of continuation of the subject matter of the previous release. While “Hyperacusis” was an attempt to explore this phenomenon and has shown it through the sound and final composition of songs directly influencing the peculiar nature of the album, “Phonophobia” refers directly to the issue of psychology and clinical psychiatry, where, thanks to methodically developed sound structures, arranged and marked appropriately on the scale of impact i ntensity with numbers 1-3, it recreates the world of sounds, closed in the mind of a person suffering from this ailment. Here, the space is suddenly filled with high-ntensity sound waves, stimulating the listener to active reception and strongly influencing his psyche (at the same time). The feeling of rising does not disappear here even for a moment and accompanies the last sound on the album. After it, there is absolute silence, becoming a counterpoint to the music that resounds in the head for some time.

Once again, Erik Jarl takes an interesting topic into his workshop and realizes it in a peculiar and extraordinary way, providing his listeners with coherent,intriguing material and giving the opportunity to discover it multiple times with each subsequent listening session.

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