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This limited edition 3LP reissue set gathers ‘Nomad Souls’ , ‘Tribal Warning Shot+’ and ‘The Harvest (Live)’.

40 Years ago Hunting Lodge was nearing the peak of its fertile ‘tribal’ period. In celebration of this anniversary we are releasing a book-style 3LP set including ‘Nomad Souls’, ‘Tribal Warning Shot’ (expanded) and ‘The Harvest’ (live/expanded). All of the included tracks have been lovingly remastered from the original reels and cassettes, restored by Grant Richardson and mastered for vinyl by Sion Orgon.

The ‘Nomad Souls’ LP was originally released in the autumn of 1984 on S/M Operations in the USA, and in the following spring on Side Effekts Records, UK.

The ‘Tribal Warning Shot’ 12” 4-track EP was released early 1985 on S/M Operations (USA). The title track was remixed with drums added for a 12” 45 release on Normal Records (Germany) soon thereafter. This version, along with the other three EP tracks appear on the second record in the set. A new remix of the 1983 7” ‘Night From Night’ b/w ‘Untitled’ is also included, along with 2 tracks that appeared on compilation albums and one previously unreleased track. To round off this LP we launch into a track from original ‘The Harvest’ live cassette, to ease you into the album to come.
‘The Harvest’ cassette was a collection of live Hunting Lodge tracks circa 1984 which has never appeared on LP until now. To make for a more cohesive theme we have separated the two LP sides by shows: Side A from Chicago, where the original ‘Tribal Warning Shot (live)’ was recorded, while the other side features a Detroit show which bears the distinction of being the only time Roselle Williams (The Wolf
Hour) sang live with the band. Each side features one song that was NOT included on the original ‘The Harvest’ release.

This set features a replica of the original S/M Operations’ ‘Nomad Souls’ cover, and of the original Normal Records 12” art on the second LP. The third sleeve features a newly designed back cover by Rolaid Alpo Cola, and an inner panel including the original promo poster artwork along with an essay from Graeme Revell.

LP1 Nomad Souls

1) Nomad Souls
2) Beautiful Ugly
3) Born Of Fire
1) The Wolf Hour
2) Rhythm Cage
3) God Loves The Rock Stars
4) Become A Commercial – Interrupting
5) Nomad Souls

LP2 Tribal Warning Shot +

1) Tribal Warning Shot
2) Soul Vac
3) Night From Night
4) Learn To Will II
5) Is That Right (previously unreleased studio version)
1) Commerce
2) Tribal Warning Shot (Live)
3) Untitled (NFN B-side)
4) The Wolf Hour (instrumental)
5) Learn To Will (Live @ Johnny D’s, Boston Day 298, 1984)

LP3 The Harvest (Live)

@ 950 Club, Day 306, 1984
1) Astral Bell
2) Is That Right
3) Rhythm Cage
4) Born Of Fire
5) Beautiful Ugly
@ Composite Lodge, Day 196, 1984
Featuring Roselle Williams
1) Night From Night
2) Voodoo Eclipse
3) God Loves The Rock Stars
4) The Wolf Hour

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