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Over the years, Der Blaue Reiter has become a household name within the neoclassical and martial industrial scene. What started out in 2005 as a Catalonian based band evolved in 2014 to a Spanish-Swedish joint venture when Cecilia Bjärgö of Arcana & Sophia fame joined the ranks.
With this new line-up, the music of Der Blaue Reiter has evolved towards an emotional journey where the amazing music of Sathorys Elenorth joins forces with the lyrics and voice of Cecilia Bjärgö. “Fragments of Life, Love and War” is the fifth album of Der Blaue Reiter, but the first in a new era and holds twelve songs showcasing beautiful piano & violin pieces enriched with powerful percussion.
Twelve songs delving into an odyssey of a time more than 100 years ago. The collection of songs was born and inspired by views, thoughts and feelings surrounding the many lives affected by the Great War in 1914-1918. Not only did the men who went to war suffer extreme horror, but also the ones left behind carried an enormous load to keep their countries floating. In this world of terror, in this world of fear, we must not forget the wars that the World suffered through in these past 100 years.
We must never forget, so we will not repeat.

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