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In his own words describing Raison d’Etre, Peter Andersson mentions the ability to incorporate contradictory elements. Well, these words ring true also when talking about Andersson as person. Undoubtedly a serious and gifted composer of music of beauty and darkness. But those who have ever attended a concert by any of Andersson’s projects will inevitably know his other side: the mischievous exhibitionist, prone to excessive drinking and striptease. But is it not this dichotomy that is the mark of all great artists? The ability to transform a mental state into extrovert energy, to paint an inner picture in tones. Peter Andersson is a master of this process, which has been proven again and again both in terms of quantity and quality. This collection of songs covering all his projects is the ultimate window into the wild and wondrous world of Andersson, and while it may not help us to fully understand what drives him, we can at least grasp his genius. First 3000 copies comes in a DiscBox Slider, 12 pages booklet with partial UV-varnish and deluxe cover! Including projects featuring Lina B Doll (Deutsch Nepal) and Johanna Rosenqvist (Institut).

Track Listing

  1. Stratvm Terror: Killing me
  2. Raison d’être: The Mournful Wounds
  3. Atomine Elektrine: Plasmoid Detection
  4. Cataclyst: As He Scourged the Earth
  5. Panzar: Industrielles Massenmord
  6. Necrophorus: Arcane Angelicum
  7. Bocksholm: Bi-Rath, The Beast of the Forge
  8. Svasti-ayanam: Chenrezig
  9. Grismannen: Psychedelic Rectoscope


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