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We are delighted that Kosmoloko 3 becomes a reality on Galakthorrö’s 30th birthday. The concept hasn’t changed: Kosmoloko 3 is still a label sampler. Like its predecessors, it features only artists from the Galakthorrö label. No leftovers, no duplicates, no rehashes, ten tracks of exclusive material, no title has been released in any form before. Karl Runau’s contribution comes as a surprise after countless years with no signs of life. As a colleague from the early days of Galakthorrö, his contribution rounds off this anniversary release from a historical perspective. November Növelet are also back and give hope for a new album. While Hermann Kopp, Herz Jühning and Haus Arafna were already represented on Kosmoloko 2, Te/DIS, Aska, Mode In Gliany, Da-Sein and Sühne Mensch make their debut on Kosmoloko 3. They all simply didn’t exist at the time of Kosmoloko 2. Time flies.


Haus Arafna – The Other’s Joy
Aska – Lófar
November Növelet – Black Rain
Hermann Kopp – The Hands Of Orlac
Sühne Mensch – Angst
Te/DIS – Drops Of Dew
Herz Jühning – The Glory Age Of Pain
Mode In Gliany – Ahediñ
Da-Sein – Brief Lives
Karl Runau – Rules

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