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01. research
02. reflect
03. revalidate

limited cd in 6 panel digifile. artwork by salt. upc 821272405122.

‚introspection‘ is the 24th release by the [law-rah] collective, which
this time is again the dynamic duo martijn pieck and bauke van der wal.
it is their 13th release together and without doubt their most mature
release so far. composing and producing this album took two years, but
the creation of sounds started even a few years before that.

‚introspection‘ is the collective’s take on the first years of the
pandemic of which we don’t know how it will develop from this point
forward. are we over it? or should today’s state of stasis be considered
some kind of interbellum? the lockdowns and limitations that were forced
upon us have been confrontational in many ways. the freedom we took for
granted became a luxury we felt we didn’t have any longer.

so we started to explore and research who we were, what we knew, what we
did and had, what we could and couldn’t do any longer. we deliberated on
what the obligatory extra time would not only do _to_ us, but what it
would do _with_ us. how reflecting on ourselves and how giving feedback
on each other would, or could change us mentally, physically or maybe
even in a social perspective. because society did change, we just don’t
yet know how …

like all previous releases, there is no new [law-rah] album that sounds
like any album before and ‚introspection‘ is no exception. every release
we change our method to keep things interesting for ourselves. all
sounddesign on this release was done by martijn with just a global
indication for the composition, after which bauke spent all his time in
protools arranging, rearranging and doing post-production on all parts.

the result is three 20+ minute compositions; an intense amalgamation of
drone, modern classical, analog and electroacoustic sounds and ideas.
it’s the collective’s exploration within themselves that led to this.
they might guide you into a journey of self-reflection – or you might
just listen and enjoy.

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