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Sakaratul – Morbid Voyeurism CS
A The Black Maghreb side-project


1. Mortuary Tourists: Fractal Dismemberment

2. Female Corpses In Crime Fiction: A Transatlantic Perspective

3. Anatomy Of An Epidemic- Torment Of Damaged Mind

4. Infernal Plan Of Existence

5. Gestalt Hell- Examining Excessive Morbidity

6. From Evil Possession to Punishment: The Origin of Mental Disorders

7. SAK

8. Disorder

9. Decapitation and Insanity- A Case Report

10. Anatomy of an Epidemic- Torment of a Damaged Mind (Revisited)


Track 1-3 taken from Mortuary Voyeurism: Feasting on the Swell of the Fourth Stage of Death Demo 2018

Track 4-5 taken from from Satanik Bootkamp: Werwolf Paramilitary Kommando 2019

Track 6-10 taken from Severe Headache: The Psychogenesis of Mental Disorders 2022

Elektroniks, vokal, field recordings, tape manipulation conducted by Sakaratul.


The underground best kept secret. Obscure PE/noise project capturing the sounds of torture in HELL. This is the sound that you would hear in the afterlife. Nightmare inducing guaranteed.

Featuring ultra rare Demos: Satanik Bootkamp-Werwolf Paramilitary Kommando and Mortuary Voyeurism, as well as debut album Severe Headache, which features the twisted, crushing, bleak rendition of Joy Division’s Disorder.


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