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Dark Rivers is the sonic exploration and reflection of a particular stretch of landscape in the north of England. This is the home of Rapoon’s Robin Storey and it is an essential part of who he is. „Dark Rivers is about a particular area in the North of England which stretches from the Solway Firth into the wastelands of the Northumbrian borders. This area is steeped in history and mystery. In particular, I have focused on the development of Britain’s Cold War intercontinental ballistic missile weaponry in the late forties and fifties and which later became the center for Britain’s space efforts. The idea that these top secret research bases were sited here is one of interest in itself. The area is historically renowned for its outlaws and geographical and political marginalism. Geographically, this is where the Roman Empire stopped and long before that this is an area that has the highest count of pre-historic rock glyphs anywhere in the world. Many of the place names reflect the ancient cultural beliefs and superstitions – Black Fell, Black Beck, etc. Even today the place is wild and remote and old superstitions live on. The conflict of the ancient superstitions and the cold war paranoia is essentially what this is about. The older superstitions swallowing whole the newer age which came and went on the same dark, brooding hills. I was lucky enough to be born and grow up here and the darkness of the place is embedded deeply inside me.“ Lens Records (Lens0102)


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